Friday, August 29, 2008

Photofast PSP dual adapter CR-3100 and CR-5400 released; CR-9000 info, photos, benchmark tests

Tipster Hitori Futari has come through for us once again with new pics, photos, and details on new PhotoFast hardware! No PhotoFast babes this time though, as Futari pointed out.

First of all, futari has informed us of several products that PhotoFast released recently (in Asia, at least - Futari doesn't know if and when they will be released in other regions): the long-awaited PSP dual adapter (CR-3100) and the other dual adapter, the CR-5400 which converts two microSDHC to one MS Pro Duo. Here's what Futari had to say about it:

32 GB mounted on the back of the PSP and switching memory sticks is an annoyance of the past. In my case it's enough for all my ROMs, ISOs, video and music files. That's more flash storage than most subnotebooks have. 64 GB is possible but it all depends on the PSP firmware which might set the limit lower.

He also provided us with new info on PhotoFast's new SSD Drives. Essentially, these drives allow you to build a low-cost SSD with just a few flash memory cards. Here's a quick overview from Futari:
  • CR-9000 SSD SATA RAID 0 - 2.5" harddrive enclosure for max. six SDHC memory cards
  • CR-7500 SSD SATA RAID 1, NRAID - 2.5" harddrive enclosure for max. two Compact Flash cards
  • CR-7300 SSD SATA/miniUSB RAID 0/1 - adapter card for one Compact Flash card,
  • max. capacity 2TB(!)
  • CR-1000 series - adapters for one Compact Flash card to SATA, IDE, ZIF or CF 50 Pin
  • Both drives are user configurable "adapter-drives" (basically an adapter card in a 2.5" alu harddrive case).
  • CR-9000 can take up to 6 SDHC memory cards (max. 6x32 GB = 192 GB) and CR-7500 holds 2 CF cards.
  • SATA interface, RAID capable, shock-proof and energy-saving cause there are no moving parts. Perfect for laptops and subnotebooks.
No retail prices have been announced yet, but Futari believes it'll be cheaper than available SSDs in the market. With the new CR-9000 PhotoFast gave him (nice), he also did a couple of benchmark tests. Here are the results of the drive being tested on a MacBook Pro (Tiger 10.4 basic install), followed by pics of the new CR-9000 and his benchmark photos:

Bootup time from cold boot:
  • 75 secs in total until all icons on desktop available and system ready
  • (57 secs until desktop first appears)
OS X startup bar:
  • 20 secs to complete
Shutdown time:
  • 17 secs
  • Macbook Pro 100GB Hitachi 2.5" HDD 7200rpm: 113g
  • CR-9000 (empty): 67g
  • 1 SDHC card: 2g
Pics of the new PhotoFast CR-9000

Photofast - Image 1Photofast - Image 2Photofast - Image 3Photofast - Image 4
Photofast - Image 5Photofast - Image 6Photofast - Image 7Photofast - Image 8

Benchmark tests:

PhotoFast Benchmarks - Image 1PhotoFast Benchmarks - Image 2PhotoFast Benchmarks - Image 3
PhotoFast Benchmarks - Image 4PhotoFast Benchmarks - Image 5

Again, a hearty thanks to Hitori Futari!

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