Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tablet PCs at Southwell School, UK

Tim Bullock opened a new Southwell School, UK blog to chart the progress of a Toshiba initiative in two classes using Tablet PCs, starting in February, 2009.

Two classes will have access to Toshiba tablet notebooks for two years.

Tim will report student progress to indicate whether Tablet Technology can enhance student learning.

The first post indicates a possible (quasi?) experimental and control class. This blog will reflect the teaching and learning that will occur in one of the two tablet classes.

If so, that makes these posts even more interesting.

Welcome, Tim, to the Tablet and Ink blog community. Know that many of us look forward to your posts and wish you and expecially the students well.

Thanks, James Kendrick, for pointing me to this post. I missed it.

Southwell School Toshiba Tablet Initiative