Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Apple announce an Apple tablet tomorrow?

I shouldn’t point to today’s Apple tablet rumors, but I can’t help myself. These rumors do seem perennial don’t they?

This time around the tablet rumor is being fed by the tea leave thinking of Seth Weintraub from Comptuerworld Blogs. He’s thinking that Apple will announce a Tablet tomorrow in part because, well, there have been other rumors that if you put them together, you might begin to believe that Apple is making a Tablet. The general thinking is that Apple is working on something and some people have rumored that Apple is working with 10″ touch panels. Put this together and you have a Tablet rumor.

Despite the thin basis of the rumor, I appreciate where Seth is coming from. I’d like to see an Apple Tablet too. I’m thinking in terms of something bigger than an iPod Touch but smaller than a notebook. A 10″ Netbook size makes sense, but hey I’m not an Apple engineer. So who knows what Apple might come up with.

I do think though that any Apple Tablet would have a unique Apple twist to it. I’m thinking in terms of a multi-use device that doubles as an eReader. If Apple builds out its iTunes content with eBooks or eNewspapers, then a companion device like this could be very interesting in the consumer and education market.

Am I going to hold my breath once again? Nope. I truly expect something smaller, something more incremental, such as copy-paste and the like for the iPhone. However, some day I bet Apple will catch up with all of the Tablet thinking. Some day.