Sunday, June 14, 2009

That's Nonsense to Defend Status Quo of Schools

"It's nonsensical - and expensive - to look to traditional hard-bound books when information today is so readily available in electronic form.

"... there are those who ardently defend the status quo, claiming our vision of providing (digital online) learning materials to students for free would risk a high-quality education.

"That's nonsense. As the music and newspaper industries will attest, those who adapt quickly to changing consumer and business demands will thrive in our increasingly digital society and worldwide economy. Digital textbooks can help us achieve those goals and ensure that California's students continue to thrive in the global marketplace."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Digital Textbooks Can Save Money, Improve Learning, The Blog, (California) Office of the Governor, June 7, 2009, captured June 14, 2009.