Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UMID M1 Photos

During CES, Intel's Mobile Internet Device Group displayed over 50 UMPC, MIDs, and Netbooks in its Intel Atom cafe. Some products, such as the OQO model 2+ you can order now. Other products were on display by ODMs like Compal, and in search of an OEM to produce. Other products, like the UMID M1, may be produced by an OEM - a hint was dropped about Samsung and availability by Q3 2009, but that was not an announcement. Nevertheless, the UMID M1 is an attractive clamshell PC and it is worth sharing its photos and specs.

UMID M1 Specifications

  • 4.8" display

  • 1024x600 display resolution

  • Intel Atom processor Z5xx series

  • 512MB and supports up to 1GB of memory

  • 16GB SSD

  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS option, HSDPA (regional), WiMax / WiBRO option, DVB-H, T-DMB, DAB, DVB-T option

  • Windows XP Home or Windows Vista

UMID M1 prototype in red
UMID M1 prototype in red enclosure with white keypad.

UMID M1 prototype in white

UMID M1 prototype in white enclosure with white keypad. The keypad is standard QWERTY with reliance on function keys for extended use.

UMID M1 comes with a stylus for navigation

The UMID M1 comes with a stylus for you to use for navigation. This unit is running Windows XP Home. If it were running Windows Vista there would be access to Tablet technology, such as Microsoft Journal, TIP onscreen keyboard, etc.

UMID M1 stylus

Stylus storage area.

UMID M1 left side profile

UMID M1 is extremely well balanced and can hold with little effort.

Left side UMID M1

Left side

UMID M1 power button

Power on button on far right, top of keypad. Wireless and bluetooth on / off button to the left.

Use your thumbs to type on the UMID M1 keypad

What is the right way to hold and type? Thumbs.

UMID M1 has a sim card slot.

SIM card slot on front, left.

Right side of UMID M1.

Right side has USB port, audio jack, and power connector.

UMID M1 running Windows XP Home. Touch screen allows you to navigate with fingertip.

The UMID M1 has a touch screen (single point). You may navigate with a fingertip.

UMID M1 touch screen

Pressing the Windows XP Start button with fingertip.

UMID M1 compared with Apple iPhone

The UMID M1 is slightly larger than the Apple iPhone, yet runs a full operating system - Windows XP Home or Windows Vista.