Saturday, April 19, 2008

Atom CPU performance figures.


These figures put the Atom ahead of previous estimates which put the Atom @1.6Ghz at the same performance level as an A110 at 800Mhz. A Samsung Q1 Ultra with the A110 returns 2700 and 3000. Remember that the Atom processor can do hyperthreading. I have no idea what affect it has on the test compared to real-life scenarios.

One tip-off I had mentioned the following:

Intel Atom 1.6ghz with HyperT = about 950mhz Core Solo or 550mhz Core2Duo or 1.2ghz Athlon 64

Note that it's not clear if this is a Z-series or N270 Atom processor that has been tested so there are still unknowns here. Again, only hands-on reviews are going to show the real story. It was a Z series Atom processor that was tested.

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