Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eee PC 900. Live video hands-on podcast. (Today. 20:30 CET)

Update: The chat channel is already active with chit-chat. Tonight could be a big one!

If you're free in about 5 hours from the time of this post and you have any interest in the Eee PC 900, join JKK, Sascha and myself for a live video podcast this evening. JKK is unboxing the device as I type so keep an eye on his blog for videos and thoughts before we kick the video podcast off.

More info on the Eee PC 900 in the product page.

Us = JKKMobile, the king of the Eee PC, Sascha Pallenberg, king of and myself, king of my own castle!

The video will be hosted by JKK (see his page) but I will be hosting it with an additional video channel at UMPCPortal live. Action starts at 20:30 CET, 18:30 GMT but we'll be there until much later in the evening. See you in the chat room.