Thursday, July 10, 2008

Event 109, Handwriting Recognition

Liquid Cola has crashed twice today. Both times happened after a Windows Update (July 8 files). The system falls to reboot with an error, “ntoskrnl.exe status: 0xc0000098 , required file missing or corrupt.”

The solution for repairing the system was to boot from a Vista CD and try a repair. I ended up doing a system restore because the repair didn't work. After snooping around, I found over 1,000 events on handwriting recognition:

Handwriting recognition personalization: The data files that were used to personalize handwriting  recognition cannot be found or are unreadable. 
%The only possible consequence is that the effect of handwriting recognition personalization is reduced. 

Possible user action: Choose "Update the recognizer" from the Handwriting recognition personalization tool  (the user does not have to provide handwriting samples again). If you continue to receive this message then  restart automatic learning by turning it off and then turning it on again on the Handwriting  Recognition tab in Tablet PC Settings in Control Panel.


Check your event viewer, Are you getting these errors too?