Thursday, July 10, 2008

TabletKiosk Sahara Slate PC Extended Life Battery (SELB)

Liquid Cola has become stronger, more powerful, and eager to show off. A trip to TabletKiosk today ended with my purchasing an extended battery for my Tablet PC (Liquid Cola). However, I didn't just buy any ole battery. No. No. I bought the best.

Tabletkiosk is shipping extended batteries with added features:

1)  High capacity Lithium Ion battery provides up to 8 hours of battery life when used in conjunction with existing tablet battery.  Note that the actual battery results are dependent upon how the tablet is used.).

2)  Offers additional USB and IEE1394a (FireWire) Ports.  Both of these ports are located on the back of the tablet facing down so that peripherals can be attached without having cables coming out of the sides of the tablet

3)  The pass-thru DC power port allows you to charge the SELB without having to remove it. 

4)  Comes with a detachable, 3-way adjustable legs to hold the unit upright while maximizing viewing angles.   The img_i400_ext_battery_detail6legs can be easily removed for flat-down desktop use.

5) Features LED Indicator lights on the back which show the unit's charging status as well as the remaining power level (in 25% increments)

6)  Includes an AC Adapter for on-the-go charging

7)  Weighs 2.2 lbs.  Depth = 14 mm 

8)  For quick changes, the SELB attaches to the back of the unit with oversized, easily removable thumb screws.

9)  SELB fits flush to back of the tablet which leaves all functions keys, power switches and I/O ports unobstructed and available for use.

10)  Features built- in MIS-D 100mm VESA mount holes

11)  Price $369

Why buy a SELB?
I didn't buy the SELB for the looks. Liquid Cola is a work horse and needed the extra time on battery to free him from the power plug. The local Barnes and Noble covered all the power outlets and so I could only stay as long as Cola lasted. Now, I can relax and spend my time taking in the atmosphere and not worry about the battery life.

Additionally, the stand is working well. I have a lap table over my lap as I write this post, and Cola and friend are sitting on top - no heat - no fuss.

Doesn't 7-8 hours of battery life sound good? What are you waiting for?