Friday, July 25, 2008

Taimi of Kentridge HS WA Top Calculus Teacher

Jim Whaley and Gaston Caperton report that Kentridge (WA) mathematics teacher Marguerite Taimi received the top Siemens Award for Advanced Placement teacher in the state of Washington.

Over the past dozen years, the Kentridge AP Calculus program has achieved a passing rate of 98 percent.

Each spring, math students at Kentridge High School in Kent volunteer to meet and speak with younger students about pushing themselves academically when classes resume in the fall. These peer counselors are in the school's Advanced Placement Calculus program, one of the nation's most successful.

To students still in high school, its meaning transcends academics. "They exude confidence in their abilities, and they extol the benefits of taking AP Calculus," says Taimi.

She is also active in her school's effort to meet the state's new Educational Reform standards.

"Students know that our system works because they have seen it happen year after year. As teachers, we can assure students and their parents that if they are willing to commit to our proven program, they will be successful."

Kudos, Taimi and students!