Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Live Search steps backwards

This week has had a lot of news about search engines. Cuil led the way with a slightly bumpy launch. And now Live Search has updated their search page with a pretty picture and graffiti marks. Eh, doesn’t win me over at all. Search is the key not doodads.

I also did several quick searches of Live and at least to me the search quality his taken a step backwards. Yuk. Just try “Tablet PC” and if you Know anything about this space you’ll know it’s so-so results. After all this time I would have thought the results would be getting better. These aren’t. Here’s the thing: the results are looking very product or commerce biased. I thought I’d never say it but Microsoft needs to acquire Mahalo and work on their search results for the first couple pages. They need as much focus on authority as commerce. Maybe it’s what I’m searching for. Web 2.0 doesn’t look So hot either. Oh well, I guess that’s why we need more search engines.