Monday, July 7, 2008

Anonymous Comments

Spammers are a pain in the administrative behind.  Hours are spent removing unwanted messages.  I'm sure you are tired of reading posts from the latest wholesaler, too. Because of the trouble with spammers; I have intentionally kept comments only for registered members.  This is a pain for the first time visitor who just wants to make a quick comment.

Tonight, I made the decision to enable both the Drupal and vbDrupal comment modules. The decision did not happen overnight. While watching other active sites as well as thinking about my own behavior,  I believe the real conversations happen in the comments. This change allows anyone who visits the site to join the conversation and leave a comment.

To leave a comment click on the text add new comment and a WYSIWYG editor will launch. While I cannot promise to always watch, any rude comments brought to my attention will be removed.

A link to the blog post added to the forum thread is still available, allowing site members to post from the forum, too. I hope everyone finds this change helpful.