Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gigabyte M912V specifications hit the blogosphere

Leave it to Gigabyte to produce a Tablet PC getting meme. The Gigabyte M912V caught bloggers attention in the spring and discussions centered around the presence of a touchscreen. Computex 2008 provided more details of the product and started a new round of speculations  as well as an early verdict by Laptop. The positive statement that sticks out is, “Seeing a mini-notebook with a swivel screen that includes touch capability is like a breath of fresh air.”

Gigabyte formally announced the Atom-based Tablet PC as a Netbook in the July 2nd  press release. The Gigabyte website shows the M912V specifications:


Genuine Microsoft Windows®XP, Genuine Microsoft Windows VISTA®Home Basic, or Linux
Intel® Atom 1.6GHz
8.9”LCD panel/WXGA 1280x768, w/Touch screen, LED Backlight, as 180° rotation angle
2.5” ,9.5mm S-ATA HDD 120/160/250GB
Built-in 1.3M pixel web camera
Speaker 1.5 watt x 2
80 key keyboard/Touch Pad


Initial source: Gottabemobile