Monday, July 7, 2008

Living keyboard free - and loving every minute !

When I die, they will need to wrestle my Tablet PC from my grip. While some Tablet PC evangelists wonder where all the leaders went for the Tablet PC,  some of us just keep using the pen. I don't need no stinkin leader to tell me the real future of computing is in the pen. I get it.

I was bored a few minutes ago -before starting this blog post.  I was reading complaints about the future versions of Windows, the need for companies to monitor blogs, and blah blah blah.  Yawn.

I've been in a tech slump. Just to get excited. about something - anything - I redesigned this website.  Four days later, and little sleep, I'm back to being bored. Then I realized something  special.

All of the coding, file uploading, blog posting, image processing - everything - was done with the pen.  Have I really managed to produce the first website without the use of a keyboard?  Totally Cool.  I need a Warner Ink blot award - splat.

What have I learned from the experience?

  • Designing a website with a pen is possible (although this was an accident)

  • Using only the pen was more fun

  • I managed to focus on the site better because I was walking around the house with the Tablet PC.  My Tablet was with me in the kitchen, on the bed, on the couch, and I carried it with me to the bathroom (yeah, that last part should be left out)

  • Use the TIP. It's your friend.

  • Surf the web using the touchscreen- my Tablet switches by pressing a button. Push the button!

  • Paint. Net is easier to use with a pen. The movement for brushes actually make sense. Duh.

  • Using the handwriting recognition means I need to learn to spell.

  • Check the spelling of words within the TIP before pressing enter

  • Snitter hates the TIP (I already knew this but wanted to let you know)

  • Firefox browser security may block some pen actions such as copy and paste. Use the  Ctrl-C on the TIP

  • open new browser tabs using The TIP: Ctrl-T.

I'm sure there are more lessons but I need to get cleaned up  (yeah, I'm lounging on my bed as I write this).  See, the biggest lesson is that using a Tablet PC and pen means I can be anywhere.  Where are you?  Are you still tied to that heavy keyboard?